Wimzie and the kids figure out a way to keep Yaya out of the kitchen while they mix the batter for a special “Happy Birthday Yaya” cake. Loulou will pretend to lose her favourite blankie which in fact they hide in a tree and will take Yaya on a wild goose chase everywhere but in the kitchen to look for it. Horace has to leave for a dentist appointment but, just as he’s ready to go, the blankie falls from the tree. In a rush, Horace picks it up and leaves to go to the dentist. Later, when the cake is ready and the surprise is out (but Horace is not yet back from the dentist) the blankie can’t be found. This time, Loulou doesn’t have to fake her tears. But then, Horace comes back, has a piece of cake and, learning why Loulou is in such distress, remembers the blankie still in his bag. Loulou is happy again and the kids get great credit for thinking up a clever and imaginative plan to distract Yaya and prepare a wonderful surprise for her.