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Harry The Happy Birthday Hyena As Seen On TV Commercial Harry The Happy Birthday Hyena Talking Dog

Birthdays are supposed to be fun! But sometimes birthday parties can be a big letdown! Well no more! Now there’s Harry the Happy Birthday Hyena! Just give him a squeeze and the party is on! Harry laughs the happy birthday song so you can laugh along! He’s funny, he’s feisty and he’s the perfect thing to bring to get the party started! So why make birthdays blue when you can bring something new! Harry just can’t control himself and neither will you as you laugh right along to his hilarious happy birthday laughing song! He dances, he laughs and everyone has a Happy Birthday BLAST! When the next birthday party comes along, just bring Harry or give him as the perfect gift! No matter how young or old, Harry will get everyone in the birthday spirit in no time! Just turn him on, let him laugh the happy birthday song and watch the whole room light up with laughter! Order today!

Order Details: Order your Harry the Happy Birthday Hyena and get a special Bonus Harry Hyena Party Hat and Happy Birthday Card for only $10.00 plus $7.95 P&H.

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