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The Celebration along with laughter and Happiness with Beyoung Anna, we bring the fourth Birthday bash with a bang. The day came with lots of surprises to treat ourselves with extra fun and sweetness. Especially with Beyoung Anna as the center of all the drama and lots of ‘Mazaa’, we just have one thing to say he got invited by our CEO, and Anna just got lucky. With his quirkiness and a nice sense of humor, we couldn’t help but enjoy the day. We are ready to share with you one of the most fun days because it was the birthday of none other than Beyoung itself.

We like to acknowledge that birthdays are meant to have fun, eat cake, and whatnot. Right? And we celebrated the day like our own birthday. Beyoung is nothing without its beloved Beyoungsters, as they made us what we are today. Looking back we just have love and a great deal of gratitude for the journey so far. One thing given with this journey is a lot of learning, adventure, and obviously loads of FUN! With another year gone, we are here with better designs and products that will be focused to cater our beloved Beyoung family. Thank you for choosing us.

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