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1. Do not harass, bully or otherwise purposefully upset or attack any member of the stream including me.
2. Don’t bring up any other livers unless I bring them up first- similarly, don’t bring me up in other streams unless the liver does first.
3. No spamming, trolling or discussion of controversial topics.
4. Keep all chat relevant to the stream.
5. Absolutely no spoilers or backseating unless directly asked for.
6. Directing thirsty requests or comments at me is fine, but you will immediately be banned if any comments are directed at other livers or members of my chat.
7. All languages are welcome in this stream. Harassing or calling out anyone who speaks in a language you do not speak is strictly prohibited and will result in a timeout followed by a ban.

【Vox Akuma ヴォックス・アクマ】

【Mysta Rias】

【Ike Eveland】

【Shu Yamino】

【Luca Kaneshiro】

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