It’s not uncommon for relatives to find themselves butting heads from time to time — and the families of celebrities are no exception to this fact. That said, there’s one major difference between Hollywood A-listers’ family drama and that of your average clan: Privacy.

Most typical families prefer to keep their skeletons locked firmly in their households’ closets. Celebrities, whose actions are constantly scrutinized by both the media and the public, however, don’t always get to enjoy this luxury. Throw larger-than-life personalities into the mix — like parents who are just as, if not more, famous than their kids — and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. These are just some celeb kids who trashed their famous parents.

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Chet Hanks | 0:00
Christina Crawford | 1:25
Tatum O’Neal | 2:30
Kate and Oliver Hudson | 3:32
Jennifer Aniston | 4:25
Frances Bean Cobain | 5:13
Brody Jenner | 5:51
The Jacksons | 6:44
Mackenzie Phillips | 7:57
Lindsay Lohan | 9:00
Angelina Jolie | 9:56

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