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Music: ‘Life of Riley’ Kevin Macleod CC-BY-3.0

See the following pages for sources and license information:
“Minka Kelly” CC-BY-2.5
“Mick Fleetwood” CC-BY-2.5
“Nichkhun” CC-BY-2.5
“Richard Zven Kruspe” CC-BY-2.5
“Lionel Messi” CC-BY-2.5
“Jeff Beck” CC-BY-2.5
“Solange Knowles” CC-BY-2.5
“Juan Román Riquelme” CC-BY-2.5
“Mindy Kaling” CC-BY-2.5
“Micah Richards” CC-BY-2.5
“Peter Weller” CC-BY-2.5
“Stuart Broad” CC-BY-2.5
“Luis García” CC-BY-2.5
“Robert Reich” CC-BY-2.5
“Ariel Pink” CC-BY-2.5
“Mercedes Lackey” CC-BY-2.5
“Brigitte Fontaine” CC-BY-2.5