Who’s your favorite Hollywood star that burned out too soon? Did they die on their birthday?
Statistics show that this is the most likely date. It’s called the birthday effect, and even celebrities can’t escape it.

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00:00 – Intro
00:15 – Ingrid Bergman
01:56 – Otto Kruger
02:50 – Gertrude Astor
03:48 – Edna May Oliver
04:45 – George Petrie
05:42 – John Banner
06:51 – Mike Douglas
07:44 – Outro

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Ingrid Bergman may be the most famous example. She was a beautiful actress who appeared in standout films such as Gaslight and Casablanca. When she died on her birthday, she became a beloved symbol of Swedish and American cinema.

John Banner was another foreign-born actor who died on his birthday. He escaped persecution by the Nazis in Austria only to end up playing one in Hogan’s Heroes. It made him a TV icon who the world will always miss.

A few celebrities taken by the birthday effect began their careers as musicians. Mike Douglas was a singer before he was a classic talk show host. Edna May Oliver toured with an orchestra before she was an actress. Gertrude Astor played the saxophone and trombone on a riverboat.

What most of these celebrities had in common were their prolific careers. Ingrid is tied for the most Oscars earned by any female actress with Meryl Streep. Gertrude Astor appeared in hundreds of silent movies and several “talkies” as well. The rest of them used their lives to follow their passions, even if they weren’t able to do so for as long as they thought.

Not all of them had children to carry on their names. John Banner was married but never had a child. Gertrude Astor was never married and her godson was her only surviving family member. Their fans and costars will have to keep their memory alive.

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Celebrities Who Tragically Died on Their Birthdays