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0:00 Introduction
0:10 Darren Barnet’s Birthday
0:17 Coffee Order
0:27 Favorite Food
0:36 Favorite Movie
0:42 Favorite Place to Visit
0:54 Playing a High Schooler
1:08 Playing Paxton Hall-Yoshida
1:21 Astrology
1:38 When You Wake Up
2:04 Before You Fall Asleep
2:15 Memorable Dream
2:53 Last Time You Cried?
3:05 Do You Believe in Fate?
3:15 Best Phase in Your Life
3:43 Pursuing an Acting Career
4:03 Friends
4:09 Ever Been Catfished?
4:22 Love at First Sight
4:29 Soulmate
4:37 Perfect Date
4:58 Craziest Thing You Ever Did for Love?

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Darren Barnet Shares His Favorite Thing About His Character on Never Have I Ever | This Guy