We’re a two-person Wolfpack! This episode covers the Hangover trilogy, directed by Todd Phillips. This series was HUGE in the early 10s, and at one point, the first movie was every frat guys favorite movie. This is officially our second longest episode, and we think that we’ve talked more about the Hangover movies than anybody else on Earth. We also cover the many celebrity birthdays of today, and continue our longstanding tradition of Wheel of Versus! Come kick back and have a listen.

The Start – 00:00
Watching Stuff is Cool – 00:58
Celeb Birthdays – 05:49
The Hangover Trilogy (Main Topic) – 10:06
*The Hangover – 10:11
*The Hangover Part II – 35:36
*The Hangover Part III – 1:10:37
Wheel of Versus – 1:45:08
The Tease – 1:50:14

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