Here’s a condensed history of Diana Ross’s career and accomplishments. It’s not everything (there’s just so many) and it’s not in chronological order. But it’s a 16 minute journey of memories that hopefully will make you smile. Now, if we could only get her into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! She’s there as a member of The Supremes, but her legendary rise to Superstardom includes 6 #1 records as a solo artist, the Kennedy Honor, A Grammy, Soul Train and AMA Legendary Award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, a halftime Superbowl show and so much more! She has changed the face of modern music as a member of the most successful girl group of all time and as a female solo artist. Music artists with less credentials have been voted into the exclusive Hall of Fame. I used three songs that I felt fit nicely in this tribute, You’re All I Need To Get By, I Ain’t Been Licked and The Boss. They are representative of the resilience, strength and love that defines Ms Ross.