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“It’s Lilly’s birthday…Charles ,Coco ,Coli bought gifts for Lilly… Matthew brings a cake for Lilly’s birthday …they are preparing a party…cole, Charles, Coco, Cali and Matthew surprised Lilly…they give him their present…”

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00:00:05 happy birthday
00:01:54 baby shark
00:03:38 london bridge is falling down
00:05:43 kids eating sugar
00:09:52 happy birthday
00:12:06 six little ducks
00:13:57 daddy
00:15:55 this little puppy
00:17:35 rain rain go away
00:19:08 the candy song
00:22:06 toady bear
00:24:38 the incy wincy spider
00:26:59 the doctor song
00:28:48 rain rain go a way
00:31:04 five little monkeys
00:33:39 bingo
00:36:40 sister
00:38:17 brother
00:40:35 baby shark
00:42:24 iam a little teapot
00:43:44 daddy daddy yes johny
00:45:46 the wheels on the bus
00:47:59 babby shark
00:49:48 family finger
00:52:55 the finger family
00:54:55 tomorrow will
00:57:12 head shoulders knees and toes
00:59:30 johny johny yes mama
01:01:13 five little ducks
01:03:03 iam a little teapot
01:04:21 johny johny yes mama
01:08:31 miss polly had a dolly
01:10:18 happy birthday
01:11:54 going to school
01:13:47 iam a music man
01:15:40 old macdonald had a farm
01:17:08 5 little shark
01:19:01 ten little busses
01:21:28 food for brain
01:23:13 ten little busses
01:24:23 Are you sleeping
01:26:35 Fve little monkeys

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