2022 is a momentous year for Michael; Team Lord is back on tour with Lord of the Dance’s 25th anniversary show, 25 YEARS OF STANDING OVATIONS, and Michael’s hotly anticipated feature film debut, BLACKBIRD, is coming out in Irish cinemas in early September. There’s more happening behind the curtain as well, with exciting developments coming up soon.

Michael’s life story is truly unbelievable, paid for with three-and-a-half decades of backbreaking poverty and toiling in obscurity. Every bit of that success was earned the hard way. It is a testament to the message Michael has always repeated: follow your dream. If you’re willing to *work* for it, you can have whatever you want.

Planet Ireland arises! Tickets on sale now to Lord of the Dance’s 25th anniversary tour. Enjoy the classic magic of Michael Flatley’s billion-dollar dance show — with a new generation.

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