JadensWorld singing hapy birthday in english. Please excuse a child’s singing in french he is just a child trying to learn the language and not fluent. Enjoy!

“joyeux anniversaire” Happy birthday in french and english https://youtu.be/J9HFzD5cK6I

15K SUBSCRIBERS!!! https://youtu.be/mt2_4c8Nqys

Mahal kita Mommy! https://youtu.be/Vc32xLGFrsI

Happy Father’s day/Birthday cake for Daddy https://youtu.be/WaQOIp7AvOo

15K Subscriber Giveaway|Name my Baby Panda https://youtu.be/S2u6iBQbSlk

Wonder Woman trailer https://youtu.be/fEQVDzj_MBQ

Wonder woman https://youtu.be/AXTOG87_7WA

Last day at the hospital https://youtu.be/liyQm2r2Atw

Four year old dancing at the Tayside Children’s Hospital Suite Ninewells https://youtu.be/9g-DSZ3zEM8

Happy Birthday from Jollibee https://youtu.be/–n_-EL0Lxo

4 year old has a secret https://youtu.be/PmeO99sdCus

Four Year Old wants to get married https://youtu.be/uo2gE-U8III

Piglets Tea Room and Garden|Pooh Corner https://youtu.be/xVOMP2-Xqbc

The Pizza Song Nursery Rhyme https://youtu.be/UkNv1emOj48

How To Make Pandesal – Filipino Bread Rolls https://youtu.be/GBG82sI4j8s

Animatronic Pandas – Pandemonium Chessington World of Adventures https://youtu.be/u–jgwsV9fU

JadensWorld Channel Trailer 2016 https://youtu.be/Ov3RmH30GYI

Shrek’s Adventure London! Latest family attraction 2016 https://youtu.be/XdeKO_-VF-8

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