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One Piece Bounty Rush:

A One piece Based MOBA style game (Multiplayer Online battle Arena) that allow 8 players to fight each other in a beautiful open arena map based off different One piece locations. With over 100 Characters available to play (And counting) the options are endless with different featured characters such as Shank, Big Mom, Blackbeard, Zoro, Luffy, and more! Allow yourself to craft helpful medals to build your characters stats in whatever way you want. With many options such as the untoppable tank, squishy glass cannon, or a happy bruiser in between. You have a variety of medals to build and create to help your character compete in the heat of combat. This One Piece gacha game will keep you involved always releasing a new character every two weeks! Come join in with me as we battle each other to steal the most treasure and secure victory to climb to the highest rank or have a simple lobby with friends to play around!

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