Hello Glammers! It’s another day and another vlog and for today we’re going to Camille’s 24th Birthday Party! And my Fiance and Sister-in-law help me pick an outfit!
There’s a surprise speech at the end which you don’t wanna miss!

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Hi, I am Dr. Shideh Nikbin AKA Dr. Glam.

I am Half Filipina/Persian, with a little bit of sense of humor and I love to spread positivity by spreading laughter.

I am an orthodontist ( celebrity dentist ) and one of the owners of Fashion Smile Dental Clinic, together with my Partner Dr. Far Shamsi. We are also founders of Aramesh Wellness Spa and Pizza World. We are not just work and business partners, we are also life partners for 10 years and have been blessed to have the love and support of our family and friends.
Yes I am in a same-sex relationship and my advocacy is LOVE and EQUALITY. I want to Inspire being kind to one another as well as to our mother earth and all living nature.

Love All. Love Wins

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